Fabulous Desaster

Fabulous Desaster are four guys from Bonn, Germany playing Thrash Metal. That should be enough said, no idea why people always want further explanation... Well ok, here we go: Fast, not slow, not modern, not old school (yeah ok, most people would say it is), not retro, not progressive, not technical, not simple ...you got it: It’s Thrash Metal!


After founding the band in 2010 and recording the first EP When The Silence's So Loud shortly afterwards, the band was put on hold because of problems with the band's line-up.

Since 2013 Fabulous Desaster are fully active again.


They released a demo named Chaos.Torture.Terror.Violence. in 2014 as well as their debutalbum Hang'Em High in november 2016.

In november 2018, the second album Off With Their Heads was released in coorperation with BlackSunset / MDD.


No matter if live or on CD, Fabulous Desaster means full speed with bestial power!!!

Musikvideo "Make my day"