The hard rock band DUST RACE from Kiel, Germany formed in summer 2014.

Guitarist Yannick and bassist Reiner met occasionally in the basement of a local pub to jam together. After drummer Hahni joined this group, the idea of a "real" band took shape. So Christoph was recruited for the rhythm guitar and Jan for the vocals - DUST RACE was born.


The band combines dirty hard rock with subtle hard 'n heavy elements.




Whilst Yannick's lead guitar playing balances between melodic 80's rock and straightforward heavy metal, Christoph provides the necessary core with massive rhythm guitar riffs. Drummer Hahni and bassist Reiner support the sound with a solid foundation of groove, while Jan gives the songs the necessary touch with his dirty rock vocals.


The guys have been exploring northern Germany live since 2016.

They have played at many underground concerts and smaller festivals and are hungry for more!

If you wanna feel alright - take some Dust 'n' Roll tonight!